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We wish to provide expert guidance and prepare our students to face some of the toughest exams of the country with confidence. Equipping them with indepth knowledge on a diverse range of subjects will help them excel, participate and succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

Special emphasis will be given to generating both practical as well as theoretical knowledge to enable an environment of comprehensive learning through online web and video courses.

‘Coaching Wale’ with its concept of being an innovative digital learning platform aims to transform the current teaching methodologies with appropriate use of the latest advances in technology.

Providing quality distance education at an affordable price is the mainstay of our vision to benefit the student community at large irrespective of their economic and social status.

Our two-way interactive platform is designed to enable students actively participate in the learning process as it allows them to solve their doubts during live sessions with the faculty members. Downloadable study material comes with lifetime access which is a major advantage over the traditional learning system where a major communication gap still exists between the faculty members and the students.

With our firm belief of transcending traditional boundaries to allow self-paced learning tailored according to the latest examination patterns, we see ourselves amongst the top web-based education providers in the country in the years to come.

Having courses on every possible topic one can think of coupled with the best teaching faculty will enforce a perfect one-to-one learning solution which cannot exist in the current scenario where one-to-many system of learning leaves many students confused, affecting their performance in the exams.

Our structured courses have been designed according to the updated syllabus and students can choose their mentors from a wide spectrum of faculties enrolled with us according to their credentials.

Backed up with a strong user interface which is easy to understand, ‘Coaching Wale’ strives to add new functionalities at its backend, as they emerge, to make it more and more user-friendly with an amazing learning experience.

Through this initiative, we hope to make education inclusive, easy, effective, and personalised, benefitting all sections of the society specially the ones who, otherwise, find it difficult to get access to quality education because of, geographic, social or economic circumstances.

Taking its first steps in India, we plan to expand ourselves to other countries as well, making our global footprint visible in the coming future.

Providing equal access to education for all, ‘Coaching Wale’ aims to be an inclusive platform with a large scope for further evolution with the changing times. Being dynamic in nature, it will continue to add new features as and when needed or as per the demands of its students.

We are committed to nurturing the community of our young learners with our best possible efforts and witness them achieve academic success with pride. A mutual belief system is the foundation which must co-exist between us and our learners, only then can we revolutionize the conventional educational system plagued with innumerable learning barriers.